The University of North Carolina Press advances the UNC System’s triple mission of research, teaching, and public service by publishing excellent work from leading scholars, writers, and intellectuals and by presenting that work to both academic audiences and general readers.

The Office of Scholarly Publishing Services (OSPS) expands the Press’s role within the UNC System to support publishing originating at our diverse universities by lowering the cost of producing and disseminating quality educational and scholarly publications. Many OSPS publications are published open access, with print copies available at low cost. OSPS has published scholarly books and journals, textbooks, course packs, manuals, conference and symposia proceedings, as well as reissues of out-of-print books.

In 1953, UNC Press and the UNC Department of Germanic & Slavic Languages and Literatures started the UNC Studies in Germanic Languages and Literatures series. Over the next fifty years, the series published 127 monographs, anthologies, and critical editions. In 2019, the Press received a Humanities Open Book Program grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Partnering with the Department of Germanic & Slavic Languages and Literatures and the UNC at Chapel Hill Libraries, books in the series were released in new paperback and open access ebook editions.

Nearly 100 additional titles are available open access from the UNC Press. Areas of strength include Appalachian and North Carolina Studies, education, and literature. Increasingly, OSPS is partnering on open access textbooks, including sociology and political science texts and a six-volume textbook used in courses covering microwave and radio frequency design.

Open Access Publications from the UNC Press

TitleISBNAuthorPublication DateSubject
Why Does No One In My Books Look Like Me?9781469642505Stokes05/25/2018African American Studies
Appalachia / America9781469636924Somerville08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Appalachia and the Politics of Culture9781469636955Fine08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Appalachian Curriculum9781469642451Gibson11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Appalachian Curriculum9781469642437Pillis11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Appalachian Experience9781469636733Buxton08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Appalachian Scrapbook9781469636672Cheek08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Appalachian Symposium9781469638447Williamson11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Archives in Appalachia9781469642413Garrison11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Bibliography of Southern Appalachia9781469642154Ross10/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Blue Ridge Heritage Corridor9781469642475Appalachian Consortium Press11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Cabin9781469636580Hallowell08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Colonialism in Modern America9781469642062Lewis10/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Contemporary Appalachia9781469636801Ross08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Critical Essays in Appalachian Life and Culture9781469636832Simon08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Emerging Patterns in the Southern Highlands9781469642390Lovingood11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
For His Cause a Little House9781469642031Saunders10/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Good Life Almanac9781469638423Smalley08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Hogwild9781469638508Lauterer11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Impact of Institutions in Appalachia9781469636894Lloyd08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Laurel Leaves: Special Edition9781469637082Miller11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Liza's Monday and Other Poems9781469636542Sellers08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Many Faces of Appalachia9781469636863Gray08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Marrying Beauty with Utility9781469642499Appalachian Consortium Press11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Mountain Days9781469651859Fink09/01/2019Appalachian Studies
Mountain Preacher Stories9781469636641Fisher10/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Mountains Have Come Closer9781469636610Miller08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Mountains of Experience: Interdisciplinary, Intercultural, International9781469637044Lanier08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Painting with a Comet's Tail9781469642185Jolley10/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Parkways9781469642055Appalachian Consortium Press11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Parkways, Greenways, Riverways: A Partnership for Beauty and Progress9781469642116Appalachian Consortium Press11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Parkways, Greenways, Riverways: TheWay More Beautiful9781469642178Appalachian Consortium Press11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Partnerships and Sustainability9781469641997Appalachian Consortium Press11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
People, Politics and Economic Life9781469641355Plaut10/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Promoting Student Investigation of Local Environmental Issues through the Southern Highlands Environmental Project9781469641317Bousquet11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Reading, Writing, Region9781469641300Miller11/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Recollections of the Catawba Valley9781469638393Mull08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Remembrance, Reunion, and Revival9781469636702Roseberry08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Right Good People9781469638362Warren10/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Southern Appalachia and the South: A Region Within a Region9781469636986Inscoe08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Southern Appalachian Reader9781469642123McNeil10/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Symposium on Trout Habitat, Research, and Management9781469636511Appalachian Consortium Press08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Too Few Tomorrows: Urban Appalachians in the 1980's9781469637075Obermiller08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Toward 19849781469636764Appalachian Consortium Press08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Transformation of Life and Labor in Appalachia9781469637013Lewis08/01/2017Appalachian Studies
Twenty Years Hunting and Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains9781469634012Hunnicutt04/15/2017Appalachian Studies
Cratis Williams Chronicles9781469641973Williams10/01/2017Biography & Autobiography
Thomas Wolfe; A Writer's Life9781469638126Mitchell08/01/2017Biography & Autobiography
We Plow God's Fields: The Life of James G. K. McClure9781469642000Ager10/01/2017Biography & Autobiography
That D----d Brownlow9781469638249Humphrey08/01/2017Civil War: Reconstruction
Great Forest9781469638454Buxton11/01/2017Ecology / Environmental Studies
Faculty Experiences in Active Learning: A Collection of Strategies for Implementing Active Learning Across Disciplines9781469660042Keith-Le05/15/2020Education / History of Education
In Pursuit of Prosperity9781469660066MonteithTBDEducation / History of Education
Miss Bonnie's Nurses9781469647630Newman08/01/2018Education / History of Education
Proceedings of the UNC CBE Summit 20179781469641935Solér12/01/2017Education / History of Education
Project Management for Archivists9781469661261Spring04/01/2020Education / History of Education
State of the University, 2000-2008: Major Addresses by UNC Chancellor James Moeser9781469647692Moeser04/01/2018Education / History of Education
Brindle Mule9781469638270Leeper08/01/2017Fiction / Stories
Only When They're Little9781469638188Day10/01/2017Fiction / Stories
Summer People9781469642093West10/01/2017Fiction / Stories
University of North Carolina Studies in Germanic Languages and Literature0005/01/2020German Studies
Food Fight9781469661759HendersonTBDHealth / Medicine
Soul Liberty: The Evolution of Black Religious Politics in Postemancipation Virginia9781469655253Turner03/21/2020History
Expanding News Desert9781469653259Abernathy11/25/2018Journalism / Journalism History
Rise of a New Media Baron and the Emerging Threat of News Deserts9781469634036Abernathy01/00/1900Journalism / Journalism History
Bits of Mountain Speech9781469638218Fink10/01/2017Language Studies / Linguistics
Paul Green's Wordbook9781469638386Green11/01/2017Language Studies / Linguistics
Tropical Tongues: Language Ideologies, Endangerment, and Minority Languages in Belize9781469641416Gómez Menjívar02/01/2018Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Understanding Latin American Politics9781469652252Weeks07/01/2018Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Examined Life9781469642383Miller11/01/2017Literature / Literary Criticism: American
Are We Not Foreigners Here?9781469637136Schulze04/23/2018Native American / Indigenous Studies
Cherokee Perspective9781469638515French10/01/2017Native American / Indigenous Studies
Blue Ridge Parkway9781469638096Buxton08/01/2017North Carolina History
Fire and Stone: The Making of the University of North Carolina under Presidents Edward Kidder Graham and Harry Woodburn Chase9781469651835Covington01/15/2019North Carolina History
Good Government Man: Albert Coates and the Early Years of the Institute of Government9781469648224Covington12/15/2018North Carolina History
Village Tapestry: The History of Blowing Rock9781469641331Buxton10/01/2017North Carolina History
Western North Carolina9781469641386Blackmun10/01/2017North Carolina History
Western North Carolina Since the Civil War9781469638331Van Noppen08/01/2017North Carolina History
Looking for Native Ground9781469638485Quillen08/01/2017Poetry / Poetics
Realizing Islam, Sustainable History Monograph Pilot OA Edition9781469660844Wright07/01/2020Religion: World
Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World9781469659299University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing09/15/2019Sociology / Social Issues
Fundamentals of Microwave and RF Design9781469656892Steer09/01/2019Technology & Engineering
Microwave and RF Design, Volume 19781469656915Steer09/01/2019Technology & Engineering
Microwave and RF Design, Volume 29781469656939Steer09/01/2019Technology & Engineering
Microwave and RF Design, Volume 39781469656953Steer09/01/2019Technology & Engineering
Microwave and RF Design, Volume 49781469656977Steer09/01/2019Technology & Engineering
Microwave and RF Design, Volume 59781469656991Steer09/01/2019Technology & Engineering
Barter Theatre Story9781469638157Dawidziak08/01/2017Theatre & Drama / Performing Arts
Maternal Bodies: Redefining Motherhood in Early America

9781469637211Doyle04/23/2018Women's Studies
The Transnational Good Life9781469662503Hall08/01/2020Latin American & Caribbean Studies
The Odyssey for Democracy9781469666334Curtis09/01/2021Political Science
Seeking New Landscapes9781469664262Gibson1/5/2021Visual Arts
Indians, Blacks, and Morochos9781469666457Guizardi8/1/2021Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Jewel in the Crown9781469664095Jeffers1/5/2021Education / History of Education
Contemporary Precalculus through Applications9781469665924North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Department of Mathematics9/1/2021Mathematics
Aberration of Mind9781469643588Sommerville9/1/2018History / US Civil War
Immersive Scholar9781469664286Vandegrift4/1/2021Education / History of Education
Poor Man's Fortune9781469656298Roll4/1/2020Labor History / American Studies
A Saint of Our Own9781469665535Sprows Cummings2/1/2019Religion